Patient Participation Group

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

We are looking to develop a Patient Reference Group that both reflects and gains the views of our registered patients and enables the practice to obtain feedback from a cross section of the practice population which is as representative as possible.

Pennine Surgery is looking to maintain an online Patient Group so that we can consult those participating on a regular basis by email. This means we will not ask members to attend regular face to face meetings and will send emails and web surveys instead – a participation group with no meetings!

How You Can Get Involved

We want to ensure that the views of patients are fed into the practice regarding the services they deliver and any changes or new services that are being considered. To do this we are compiling a contact list of email addresses so that we can contact you by email every now and again to ask you a question or two.

If you are interested please click on the link in the image opposite to complete our online form.


Q Will my doctor see this information?
A We will answer questions about the surgery, how well we are doing and ensure changes that are being made are patient focused. If your doctor is responsible for making some of the changes in the surgery they might see general feedback from patients.

Q Will the questions you ask me be medical or personal?
A We will only ask general questions about the practice, such as short questionnaires.

Q Who else will be able to access my contact details?
A Your contact details will be kept safely and securely and will only be used for this purpose and will not be shared with anyone else.

Q How often will you contact me?
A No more than once a month by email.

Q What is a patient group/patient participation group?
A This is a group of volunteer patients who are involved in making sure the surgery provides the services its patients need.